SDK Packages

The following SDKs provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources for developing applications for the InFlight Entertainment (IFE) platform. The SDK packages include APIs and other components for building software for a particular platform or framework.

To begin:

  1. Select the Passenger or Seatback icon. The type of SDKs display for that category display.

  2. Select the specific SDK. The page displays Guidelines, API Services and System Compatibility. The SDK Documentation is available for download. The downloading of the SDK package is dependent on the SDK packages specified in the contract.

For additional information, please review our Guides.

Panasonic provides the following primary SDK packages that allow airlines and third party developers to integrate their applications with the Panasonic Avionics InFlight system.

Passenger Applications
Companion App

Contains APIs that allow creating custom applications and pairing an Interactive application to a seatback monitor to provide a second screen for additional viewing.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Companion App Modules

The Companion App Module is a module library of the Companion App that is used to launch the entertainment application. It can be integrated in an existing airline application.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Mobile Passenger Applications

Contains APIs for creating custom applications and eXW streaming that passengers can access on their electronic device in the airport and during their flight.

Platforms: Android, iOS, JavaScript

Seatback Applications
Seatback Application

Contains APIs for creating custom portals and applications that passengers can access in the seatback monitor.

Platforms: Android

Get Started
Download the SDK Package

Download and unzip the SDK package.

SDK Documentation

In the SDK package, unzip the documentation folder, then select index.html. Review Getting Started, API References and Change Log that display in the landing page.

Supplemental Guides

Review the supplemental guide for APIs and Interactives.

Sample Apps

To view the sample applications, unzip the sample test application folder in the SDK package. The applications display for each framework.

Known Limitations

Review Known Limitations for Android and iOS projects.

Software Versioning

Panasonic has implemented both a standard software and content versioning process to assign unique version numbers to the states of software. Software versioning is the process of assigning unique version numbers to unique states of software, such as seat applications and user-modifiable software or actions from the user.

Develop Project
Setup Environment

In the SDK landing page, select Getting Started, then follow the procedure.

Initialize Service

In the SDK landing page, select API References, then:

  • Select InFlight to associate an application to an airline, as needed.

  • Select InFlightService to initiate a service. InFlightService is the parent class for all InFlight services.

Start Developing

After setup and initialization, start developing your project.

Test Project
Build Loadable

To test, first create an engineering build to load on the Virtual Rack, then create a loadable. Follow the procedure for your type of loadable.

For a Native Android or iOS app, please follow the Google Play Store and Apple Connect processes to submit the application binary.

Iterative Testing

Test your application to verify that it works as you expect and remove all issues that deteriorates your application's usability and performance. For additional information, please contact your Panasonic focal.

Software Development Kits

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