Create Content Loadables

You can create Interactive and Portal software and content loadables using an application tool, such as Config Tool 2.0,​PortalWorks and Unity Content Loadable Manager (CLM), or create your own custom Portal loadable.


Application tools provide:

  • Templates for ease of use
  • Ability to preview content with an emulator
  • Built-in version control

Custom loadables provide:

  • Ability to use any JavaScript programming language, such as Angular or ReactJS with the JavaScript Mobile Passenger SDK.


For Interactive Apps, we offer the Config Tool 2.0. The Config Tool 2.0 is a flexible application that allows you to develop your Interactive quickly with few restrictions, then generate and manage content loadables.

For Portals, Microsites and Skinny Portals, we offer both the Unity Content Load Manager and Portal Works.

  • The Unity Content Load Manager (CLM) application provides a tool to create content loadables out of arbitrary content. The loadables are produced in a hybrid format that allows for loading on aircraft using the standard Panasonic loading process. 
  • PortalWorks is a cloud-based, collaborative tool for building Portals and creating loadables for the airlines.

Additional Information

For additional information, please refer to Create Content Loadables in the Test section of the Resources pages.